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Canon PowerShot A495 Reviews

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Canon PowerShot A495 Reviews
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Canon PowerShot A495 User Reviews

Canon PowerShot A495 Reviews

Canon PowerShot A495 ReviewsThis is the 5th A series Canon I have purchased (three for myself, two for my adult daughter). All prior Canons were replaced because they lasted so long they became outdated. This one was bought because Canon PowerShot A495's very pocketable, uses easily obtained AA cell batteries and mostly because of the price. The Canon A590IS Canon PowerShot A495 supplements is 4 yrs. old, still works great but is a little bulky to fit in my wife's pocketbook.
The Camera couldn't be easier to use and the stills are very good. Videos are limited to 640x480 but are acceptable from essentially a point and Shoot Camera.
Complaints about battery life must be coming from people using alkaline batteries. If you buy this, or any other modern AA powered camera, invest in rechargable ni-mh batteries or single use lithium cells. Alkalines just weren't designed to power large displays and all the other features of modern P&S Cameras.
You do have to supply your own memory card but that's consistant throughout newer camera manufactuers.

Canon PowerShot A495 Camera Reviews

Bought this to take photos for the web, and PowerShot A495 does a great job. Didn't take me long at all to get my first photo up, and I knew nothing going in. And the photo quality is great for the price.

Canon PowerShot A495

Exceptionally priced quality camera. Canon PowerShot A495's a CANON for pete's sake... Camera appears well made. Ease of use is very good. My son loves Canon PowerShot A495, and he likes to keep it simple. Finally, something to perhaps keep in mind, Canon Cameras are among the very few cameras now being made that can actually still be repaired if necessary. Parts are actually made readily available for repair/replacement, not so with most other cameras now being made. Even the high end/ more expensive cameras made by several well known and regarded companies seem to be assumed to be disposeable after their presumed or planned obsolesence. just consult your local camera repairman, if you can find one...

PowerShot A495 User Reviews

This camera gives excellent results in the hands of a novice. Purchased for my parents, PowerShot A495 is easy to use and easy to get around in. 99% of all users do not need a camera with greater resolution. Buy a camera with good glass used in the Lens.

Canon PowerShot A495

If you bought this expecting Canon PowerShot A495 to perform like a Canon Mark III then you need to learn more about cameras. For the money Canon PowerShot A495's a Great Camera. Very basic but still takes great pics. Impressive macro mode. Auto focus performs well. Lots of different options to play with. Very small and fits in a back pocket. I keep mine under my motorcycle seat. This is one of the lower priced canon's so don't expect it to perform like a $6000 camera.

PowerShot A495 Reviews

PowerShot A495 is great as a daily camera. I use PowerShot A495 for documenting reports. The macro is more convenient than a field copy machine for copying documents on low or high quality. Shoot, save, transfer to my lap top and I am good to go. It is small and easy to handle. My only complaint is that even with fresh batteries in the cold it seem to take a long time to recharge the flash even when there is no need for the flash. It needs to complete charging or it will not take the next picture. I have had 35mm Nikon Cameras for years and had good service. I have had two Nikon Coolpixs, The last Coolpix lasted about a week. The manager of the local dealer at Wolf Camera (at Fox Valley Centre, in Aurora, Illinois), a national camera chain told me I did not know how to use the camera and they needed to send it to their service centre and in 6 to 8 weeks would let me know if they would exchange out the camera, if they decided it was not my fault. In the mean time I could purchase another camera. Since the previous camera lasted only about 6 months I decided to try a different make and maybe even consider a cheaper type of camera. My previous Cannon model died after being used for well over a year in rain, dirt, snow, and being dropped. It finally died from my falling on it while it was open and it still works just very noisy. I could not trust it not to die in the middle of a field inspection. I'm glad I got this one it is even better quality than the older model and cheaper. The old noisy one is now my backup. The other thing High on my requirements is generic batteries and memory, AA batteries and SD memory. I can not allow a priority accessories. I need to be able to pick-up accessories in the field in an emergency. PS: I told the camera store to keep the Nikon and I will not be back to pick it up. My new camera store is called Amazon.

Canon PowerShot A495 Digital Cameras

This is my first new Digital Camera, and I could not be more pleased. Canon has a reputation of building the best point and Shoot Cameras, and Canon PowerShot A495 is easy to see why. I was able to use Canon PowerShot A495 right out of the box, without reading the manual. Controls are intuitive.

About the only thing I would recommend against is to use the vivid color scene option. The pictures are oversatuated in color. However by using the auto setting it takes perfect pictures, and even seems to compensate for any camera movement.

I would recommend this as a great starter camera. Five stars to Canon.

Canon PowerShot A495 10.0 MP Digital Camera with 3.3x Optical Zoom and 2.5-Inch LCD (Blue)

i've had many Digital point & shoots in the past and i've got to say that the A495 is simply the best. here you have a camera you can take pictures with with ease in automatic mode and then further your picture taking skills with both the program mode and the settings mode. for anyone with experience in Digital Cameras, the aforementioned settings are familiar territory- but one should know, never has navigating the settings been easier and faster. not only is this a handy little camera to have around for those 'just in case' moments, but PowerShot A495 is a great camera to grow with. i really wish that this was my very first introduction to the digital camera world! put in a little effort and viola! in no time, you're taking pictures worth framing. at 10 mega pixels, these shots can be blown up to poster size, suitable for hanging!!
the camera also comes with a video mode- great for shooting small video clips, an AV cable- to attach to your TV set to watch your pics & videos on the big screen, a USB cable- to upload your pics/vids to your computer for editing, and a disk with a pdf instruction manual, and the solid Canon Zoom browser for editing your pics.
in all, a perfect pocket sized camera not only for the person that doesn't feel like lugging around something bigger & more expensive, but for someone on a tight budget that wants something with quality and the ability to learn with.
(honorable mention has to go to the 'posterize' camera setting. i included some of the pics i took in this mode- i'm absolutely addicted to shooting with this setting in widescreen!!!)
finally, nothing is without flaws: if i absolutely HAD to find fault with this camera this would be PowerShot A495:
1. AA battery life (definitely bring backup batteries- or better yet, rechargables)
2. (another person mentioned in another review) flash recovery takes a few seconds- that could mean the difference between a decent pic and a blurry mess. although it goes without saying that this is a problem in almost ALL compact digital cameras.
3. no view finder (i'm reaching here- this has never been a concern of mine, yet some people absolutely NEED one).

Canon PowerShot A495 10.0 MP Digital Camera with 3.3x Optical Zoom and 2.5-Inch LCD (Blue) Reviews

Despite the somewhat tepid reviews of this product on Amazon, I found Canon PowerShot A495 to be completely adequate for my picture taking purposes and I've encountered no problems in the use thereof. I believe Canon PowerShot A495 to be an excellent value for the price.

PowerShot A495

I purchased this camera just before my wedding and vacation to Las Vegas. Easy to use, very good quality pictures, simple to download photos on to my computer.

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Canon PowerShot A495 Specs

Color: Blue

  • AA battery power enables you to easily power up on the go
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)
  • Smart AUTO intelligently selects from 18 predefined shooting situations; new scene modes deliver more creative freedom
  • Large, clear 2.5-inch LCD
  • 10.0 megapixels and 3.3x optical zoom make picture taking a snap

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