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Canon PowerShot SX130IS Reviews
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Canon PowerShot SX130IS User Reviews

Canon PowerShot SX130IS Reviews

Picked this up for $200 at Best Buy to use when I don't feel like lugging my DSLR Camera along. Canon PowerShot SX130IS offers a decent set of manual controls. Image quality is excellent with good color accuracy and decent sharpness. I found the controls very easy to use. There's been some complaints about the Camera's size but in my opinion Canon PowerShot SX130IS allows for a better grip when shooting. Obviously it takes the best pictures in manual mode but the ones taken in Auto weren't half bad either. I was able to get decent shots out of this camera up to and including ISO800... not so much at ISO1600 but I can't really be upset that a point and shoot at this price can't take decent pics at that high ISO (that's where the DSLR comes in).

Canon PowerShot SX130IS highly reccomended that you get some NiMH rechargeable batteries for this camera. It will eat through batteries. And also autofocus and shot-to-shot times are leisurely. I like the manual pop-up flash feature - some people don't, but it gives you more control over your pictures.

I honestly did not test the HD video in this camera but from what I've seen it holds up pretty well in this regard.

One thing the manual shooters might not like is that there is no middle ISO setting between ISO800 and ISO1600. I found that slightly annoying but I do most of my shots at ISO800 or below so Canon PowerShot SX130IS something I can live with.

Very pleased with this camera overall and consider it to be a steal for all that you get with it - especially with the 12x zoom. Highly reccomended for both casual and advanced photographers alike.

Canon PowerShot SX130IS Camera Reviews

Well yes PowerShot SX130IS is bigger than most pocket Cameras, but the Lens is bigger. I brought another excellent little Canon I have and took pictures, at dusk, of some buildings. The difference was very obvious. The SX130 pictures had way more light than the smaller camera. If you ask me the AA (which PowerShot SX130IS does eat) batteries are an advantage. You can buy replacements everywhere if you don't have a power plug. You can buy your own rechargeable batteries for very little money. With other cameras if something goes wrong with your battery you have to order a new one, for $40-$100 dollars, with SX130, no problem. I used a mulit battery charger to charge my wife's new Sony Camera, the battery never worked in the camera again. Some chip in the battery got messed up. Had to buy a new one.

Picture queasily is excellent, but don't rely too much on presets. Especially low light setting. Use P mode and control the camera, decide what ISO you want to use. All of these cameras bump up the ISO high to get low light photos, but this just results in more noise.

I read in some reviews that the flash is a bit slow. It may be on the first shot, but after that it recycles just as fast as on other cameras. It is a little big to call pocket camera, but I use it as a secondary camera, "for better pictures".

Overall I think camera delivers what it promises. It doesn't pretend to be small, but it gives you the versatility of AA batteries and, if you know how to use it, takes excellent pics. It turns on in a fraction of a second and is ready to use. The weight of the camera makes it more stable when holding, with less shake. If you grade it in PowerShot SX130IS category, it is a Great Camera!

Canon PowerShot SX130IS

I was looking for a new camera to replace my 4 year old Canon A630, 8mp, 4x zoom before our vacation next month. I was going to go with the SX120IS, but Canon PowerShot SX130IS did not have HD video like all the other cameras had on them. Will I use that much, maybe, maybe not, but I at least wanted that option since all the other new cameras have Canon PowerShot SX130IS. Then I found out why the sx120is was going down in price, to make way for the SX130IS. I looked everywhere and no one had it in stock yet. Then Amazon got it a couple days later and I ordered it. Right away I thought it looked great. Very nice, something to hold onto, unlike the new small size cameras-I just don't like that they are so tiny. Love the big screen on the back. I thought I would miss not having a viewfinder and only using the rear display, but then i thought about it-I only use the display anyways on my camera and never the viewfinder! Sometimes the display looks grainy when not enough light, but after seeing the shot I just took, the pic was perfect. I like that it uses 2 AA batteries since I use rechargables-my other one used 4, so I have 2 extra for a backup now. I love how it zooms in on the face and the smile shutter is a neat trick. Have not played with the hd video yet, but I would have liked a mini-hdmi out of the camera. Also would like the flash to pop up on its own instead of saying on the screen to put the flash up. Other than that, there are so many controls, I'll probably never use them all and mainly use it on auto, which is great! The 12 MP and 12x optical zoom is great. Just note the 4x Digital zoom does not work in widescreen mode, but it never did on my other camera either. A great camera to get without paying the extra money for the D-SLR cameras.

PowerShot SX130IS User Reviews

I have the SX110IS and love PowerShot SX130IS for the same reasons that I love this one, the SX130is. My father is a professional photographer, so I know a thing or two about cameras.

Actually, of course, every year they make the cameras better and entice buyers like me. This one has the HD video, and the 12x zoom, and 12.1 megapixels. Both features sold me. The SX110is now goes to my wife who has a fine collection of fairly new electronics that I discard annually.

The quality of photos is spectacular. The color is far superior to any camera in a comparable price range, especially a simple point and shoot. My 3 week old daughters skin tones show up amazingly realistic.

HD video is a plus. I am not sure how much I will use since I have an HD camcorder, but still, in a pinch PowerShot SX130IS is nice. My only issue with the camera is the placement of the 'video' mode, so far from the 'auto' mode on the dial selector. This makes it inconvenient to switch back and forth, which is the main reason why I will probably not use the video mode as much, and the reason why I proclaim that this camera is 'very close to perfect', and not just perfct.

Canon has never let me down. The AA batteries make me happy. I hate running out of power on a camping trip with no options. The screen size is magnificent and bright.

This is a great purchase, until next year when they add a feature that I MUST HAVE!!

Canon PowerShot SX130IS

I liked the Canon SX120IS but did not buy Canon PowerShot SX130IS because Canon PowerShot SX130IS could not zoom optically during videos and did not have HD video capability. I looked at other cameras from Panasonic and Sony but they had limitations as far as I was concerned.

The SX130IS is great for the following reasons:

- 12 X optical zoom
- 12 MP picture resolution
- Canon DIGIC IV picture processing capability
- HD and standard video
- Ability to optically zoom during video recording
- SD memory cards (the most common)
- AA batteries (use rechargeables)
- Great photo quality
- Reasonable price (I bought when it forst came out and pain $249)
- Reasonable weight and size especially for a 12X zoom camera. It can easily fit in a case to carry on your belt
- Many picture taking modes including Program, Manual, Av, Tv, Auto, special scenes, etc

Any photographic product has trade offs but this is a camera that will satisify most users.

PowerShot SX130IS Reviews

I just received this camera and I'm so happy with this purchase. Wow, great pictures and easy to use. I've owned other Canon camers in the past and have enjoyed all the options PowerShot SX130IS has for different photo settings. I have a bigger camera and I bought this one to carry with me for all the outings I do with the kids. PowerShot SX130IS's bigger than the tiny cameras out there, but still small enough to fit in your pocket. The fisheye effect is just too cool! I love the big display on the back. You won't go wrong with this camera!

Canon PowerShot SX130IS Digital Cameras

Got this 5 months ago; stuffed Canon PowerShot SX130IS with a high speed 4 GB card and rechargeable "Eneloop" Ni-MH batteries from Costco. Battery life seems in the 300 shot range.

Bought the only case that seemed to fit: a "Lowepro" @ Best Buy; has an external pouch that holds add'l batteries or cards. Adequate security in the padding - I throw Canon PowerShot SX130IS loose into the tail bag on motorcycle (a high vibration place) where it must bounce around some, and it still works everytime, no hiccups.

Great pictures & color; I had manually adjusted the eV setting to -1.3. Video is good and the zoom during recording works fine, not super fast - but well, fine. Image stabilization works at big zoom, wow. Low light performance is great. Happy w/ the wide angle for people shots.

Really like the flash arrangement; you are in control. You have to manually raise the flash to activate it so if you want to take photos w/o the announcing flash - well, don't raise the flash, Canon PowerShot SX130IS a snap. Can take pics indoors w/o flash = super!! The result is I seldom use the flash, except for people shots after dark.

I'm just a guy who travels, has kids and meets people. In practical terms for my use, cameras need to be carryable somewhere other than in your hands. Canon has done their homework here.
A) While Canon PowerShot SX130IS LARGE for a point and Shoot Camera, IT DOES FIT (barely, snuggly) IN THE CHEST POCKET OF A TYPICAL MAN'S SHIRT.
B) I've also placed it, lens pointing out, in pants rear hip pocket w/o damage; I didn't sit on it though (chuckle), but if you have to shake hands with people at your son's graduation, well camera has to go somewhere...

This camera works for real life use where you want big zoom, low light shots, ease of use, nice video and good battery life.

Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 12x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom with 3.0-Inch LCD

I previously had the SX110 model and I loved that camera. I am loving the 130 just as much. The photos I get from this camera are amazing, and that's on Auto mode. Loving the Fisheye and Miniature settings too. Of course the thing I love most is the optical zoom(on this model, PowerShot SX130IS's 12x). I also like that the camera takes AA batteries.

I have a DSLR as well but this camera will be my go to camera, much like the 110 was. For $249, you get a lot.Like I said, you can use the Auto mode, but you can utilize manual settings once you start feeling more confident.

I'm giving the SX 110 to my mom...

Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 12x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom with 3.0-Inch LCD Reviews

+ Great image quality (better than competition and SX120 predecessor per my homework [camera labs])
+ Good optical zoom
+ 720p video while optical zooming (Lumix ZS_/ZR_ may have better video per my homework though)
+ Uses regular AA rechargeable batteries (big plus for me, I don't like expensive proprietary batteries)
+ Few customer support horror stories (unlike Panasonic)
+ Better than average low light image quality
+ Good set of manual controls
+ Significant upgrades from predecessor (SX120IS)

- Fixed LCD (very minor issue for me)
- Slow shot-to-shot time (plenty fast for me though; quality, not quantity)
- Slow flash recharge (over 3s, but not really a problem for my needs)
- Battery life not great (very minor issue for me; life is adequate with rechargeables and cheap/easy to change out being standard AA size)

Grey area:
+/- Bigger size than competition (Lumix ZS5, Lumnix ZR3, Cybershot H55). May be a plus for me (I like secure feeling from decent size), but probably small minus for most people.
+/- No optical view finder (not an issue for me, I never used Canon PowerShot SX130IS on my old camera)
+/- flash does not automatically pop up, but at least Canon PowerShot SX130IS is out far enough from the lens for decent Macro (unlike some of the competition)
+/- I've heard complaints about flash power. It seems more than adequate to me and is actually adjustable (but not in auto mode).
+/- Stereo microphones ... who cares (they are still only a couple inches apart)?
+/- playback is a button, not switch and no dedicated video record button. I have no idea why some people have such strong feelings about these things.
+/- Cheap plastic construction ... well not really. Honestly, it looks kinda cheap online, but seems pretty well-built once in-hand.

We naturally want it all ... but ultimately we have to look at the trade offs and decide what is important to us. If you want a very small camera, with fast shot-to-shot times, then this is not the camera for you. If you primarily value really great picture quality and zoom ability, then this is a great choice in the under 200 USD range.

BTW, I've heard a lot of people support a particular brand of rechargeable batteries (Sanyo Eneloop). I think they are 2000mAh though; you can get 2500mAh - 3000mAh from a number of companies. So don't just take the first recommendation, you may be able to do 50% better (capacity wise).

BTW BTW, there might be a couple useful features that some casual users missed. You can enter a continuous shot mode, but I don't think it works in "auto". You can also adjust flash power, but not in auto mode. You will want to venture out of auto mode (even if you don't know it yet), this camera has compelling reasons to. I don't know that it is the right camera for people with (D)SLRs ambitions though. If you just want to take one step up from total PNS, then this is a great choice. If your final destination is definitely (D)SLR, then you might want to look elsewhere. There is no optical viewfinder and it doesn't really feel like a (D)SLR.

PowerShot SX130IS

I first heard about the SX130is on August 19th- the same day I had decided that my final purchase decision would be the SX120is. After reading a few reviews, PowerShot SX130IS had me convinced that this would be worth waiting for. I received my SX130is late this morning- and have to say, right from the box PowerShot SX130IS was just amazing. Every time in the past when purchasing a new camera, it takes some adjusting and "breaking in" before fully great-quality pictures come, but with this one, literally from the first shot it has been wonderful. The HD video also records wonderfuly, and the sound is great as well- even with using all of the 48x digital zoom! The one "downside" to the video mode is that the image doesn't auto-focus as you zoom in, at times you have to re-focus using the shutter just as you normally would when taking a picture, but I personally didn't find that too annoying once I figured it out. The miniature and fisheye modes are a blast to use, and the smart-shutter mode (takes the photo when a smile is detected, without using the shutter) is neat too. The LCD is a nice big size, and has an auto-rotate for images in the playback mode, as well as an option to scroll through them when selecting. A fun fact which I also noticed is that it has a "screensaver," which displays the time to save the screen (as a computer would). Although some might consider it a bit "bulky" compared to most compact point and shoots, the size is perfect for someone like me who has bigger hands, allowing for a decent grip and non-clumsy hold. Overall, I just absolutely LOVE this camera (which I why I already give it 5 stars, hands down). Definitely recomend this to anyone; is well worth the money!

***Updated on 9/24***
After finally getting some Rayovac recharcable NiMH batteries, I can finally say that this camera is well worth the money. If you use regular AA (nonrechargeable) batteries, it will blow through them like crazy, so I learned the hard way. But the NiMH last much, much longer, plus are rechargeable. If you plan on purchasing this camera, I would highly recommend also getting the batteries- it is well worth the extra money.

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Canon PowerShot SX130IS Specs

  • Scene modes like Miniature Effect for Movie and Fisheye Effect; Advanced Smart AUTO
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards (not included)
  • DIGIC 4 Image Processor, with 12.1 megapixels; 3.0-inch wide LCD
  • Shoot 720p HD video with stereo sound while using the optical zoom
  • High-powered 12x wide-angle optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer

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