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Olympus Camedia C755 Reviews

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Olympus Camedia C755 Reviews
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Olympus Camedia C755 User Reviews

Olympus Camedia C755 Reviews

Olympus Camedia C755 ReviewsThis Camera produces fantastically clear, pristine color pictures. Our whole family uses the camera. My wife is no techie, and she certainly insn't reading the manual. Both of these facts show me how easy Olympus Camedia C755 is to operate.

Most notably, my wife was sitting on the back of a speed boat taking pictures of the kids being pulled on a psychedelic raft. In the pictures, the colors were perfect, the water bubbles were frozen in time...not a blur in the shots. This is an amateur photographer getting professional looking pictures.

Lastly, my father-in-law spent $800+ on a Digital Cannon blah blah blah with a "super whammy" Lens. He is jealous of this camera. When people ask him about his camera, he tells them to buy ours.

Always look around for the best price...Olympus Camedia C755 has varied over the last year by $200.

Olympus Camedia C755 Camera Reviews

Olympus Camedia C755 Camera ReviewsThe camera is worth the money. Camedia C755 is working very fine. the only problem is that Camedia C755 came up with a non-rechargable battery. If there was rechargable batteries and a charger I would be 100% satisfied.

Olympus Camedia C755

Olympus Camedia C755Being a first timer purchasing a Digital Camera I looked at 6 different Cameras, from several different makers. I kept returning to the {2300} because of the zoom! I have seen photos from other digital camera owners, and have heard frustration about not being able to zoom very close. I knew that the zoom was something I wanted. And I'm glad I got Olympus Camedia C755!

The camera is very easy to learn and use. I did upgrade the memory chip and purchased an additional set of batteries to have on hand.

I recommend buying a case to protect the camera.

A Great Camera for a great price!

Camedia C755 User Reviews

I have been wanting a digital camera for a while, and this was well worth the wait! Camedia C755's more camera than I'm sure I will ever use. Picture quality gets an A+. Even the night pictures. The only down side, and I should have checked this out prior, is the batteries. Camedia C755 takes 2 special CV-3 at $10.00 a pop. Fortunatly they make rechargeables. Other than that, I would recommend this camera to anyone.

Olympus Camedia C755

OK, there are a few mistakes by one of the earlier reviewers. This camera IS rated all over the internet. Olympus Camedia C755 is the same exact camera as the C-750. The only difference is the number marked on the camera body and what the box comes with. Check out and and you will see LOTS of good reviewing on this model.

Second error from the earlier reviewer was that he mentioned that there was no viewfinder. This camera does have an EVF as do almost EVERY compact digital on the market. This is just how they are made, so I am not sure what the other reviewer was expecting. Only cheaply made low quality cameras lack an EVF and use an open view port. Also, the EVF requires very little power compared to the LCD unlike he claims Olympus Camedia C755 might.

Third error that he made was in stating that M type xD cards do not work. This is totally wrong in that I use type M in mine and it works fine. There IS however an issue with using video record with type M cards on this model, however people using 1 GB have been able to take pictures perfectly fine. People with M type cards can write to Olympus and have two non-type M cards exchanged in place of the type M cards. There is a firmware update available on the Olympus America website. I do not know if this fixes the issue, but if you do not want to use video record, you do not need to worry about this issue.

Error in the listing on Amazon: The product spec page at the bottom lists the RM-1 remote as part of the box. This is in fact FALSE as this is the difference between the two models. The C-750 comes with the RM-1 remote and some NiMH rechargables and a recharger. The 755 as I mentioned above differs. This was Olympus' effort to sell the C-750 more cheaply by removing additional accessories. The RM-1 remote is available seperately right here on Amazon.

Now that being said, this is an AWESOME camera for the price. I have kept my eyes on this one (and the Kodak Z-740) since it came out because of the 10x optical zoom. Optical zoom is the one that counts BTW. Digital zoom will cause your shots to go fuzzy much like enlarging pictures on your PC will. Olympus Camedia C755 the same exact thing. Optical zoom is the lense actually moving in your camera and will result in crisp clear images. Be sure to use a monopod or tri-pod for long range shots as there is no anti-shake in this camera and the higher the zoom, the harder it is to hold the camera still enough for clear shots. Using a pod will help immensely.

There is an adapter (CLA 4) available for this camera which allows you to use high quality 55mm filters which you can ALSO find here right on Amazon for a great price. I recommend getting a polarizer filter because as with most compact Digital Cameras, this one has some trouble with bright backlighting causing color balance to be thrown off in some rare occasions. A polarizer will help eliminate this issue and prevent glare in the pictures.

Another great reason to pick this over the newer 760 & 770 (which are almost identicle to this one BTW) is that the 760-770 use a special battery pack. This one uses AA NiMH. You'll save a lot on batteries this way. Proprietary batteries cost lots of money.

In the end, if you take the time to learn to use the abilities of this camera, you can't beat it for the price. This is great camera for the enthusiast or the casual snap shooter. There are lots of settings and the ability to manually focus, so it does take a little bit of learning though and therefore may not be the best choice for those that want something dead simple with nothing to learn at all. It is pretty hefty too. Not something you can just toss in a pocket and take off with. It is the most versatile camera in this price bracket though and as a result gets 5 stars from me.

Camedia C755 Reviews

I purchased similar model, C740, on May this year. And I took with me on the trip to Turkey and Greece for 12 days. I learned that Camedia C755 just used a little of power even you turn the color viewer all the time. Camedia C755 can take more than 300 pictures before recgarge or replace with new battery. The picturea are good even you use 1MP. During that trip, I took almost 3,000 photos. Even one is nice shot.

Olympus Camedia C755 Digital Cameras

I've owned this camera for many years.
Olympus Camedia C755 takes sharp pictures. The action setting lets you takes sharp pictures of objects in motion.
The 10x zoom was great. Looking to upgrade to more zoom & bigger LCD screen.

Olympus Camedia C755 4MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom

This camera is absolutely the best value in the 4MP and 10x optical zoom category. I ordered Camedia C755 on August 20 and Camedia C755 arrived on 29. I played with it for all the functions and was impressed. I used to be a pro photographer and used 35mm film camera on a daily basis. The dial on the top gives you all the pre-set shooting modes you need for almost all occasions. The portrait mode really throws background off and makes the subject stand out. Also I like the macro and super macro mode tremendously. I was able to get so close to an envelope that I filled the whole frame with just the address label. When shooting at its long zoom range, you may want to use some kind of support (say a monopod) to reduce the shake and stabalize the image. This presents no problem at all for me. Given that you'll get an Amazon $50 mail in rebate, the final cost is just $199.94! I never had problems getting Amazon rebates in the past and I believe it'll work well this time, too. One small issue that you should be aware. The Power, Size and Conents section describes that this passage comes with, among other things, four Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and charger (another factor when I said Great Value). However, my package came with 2 CR-3v batteries. I called Amazon Customer Service hot line. They investigated and responded within 24 hours. It was wrong and misleading info. I was given two options - either taking another $20 credit or I may return the package without incurring a penny. I favored $20 credit and I am happy with the whole experience.

Olympus Camedia C755 4MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom Reviews

I bought this camera recently but have been a fan of this model and the predecessor C750 since their introduction. The camera is easy to use in automatic mode, yet has all the bells and whistles a more experienced photographer might want in individual settings.

The images are first rate and will blow up easily to 10 x 16 prints and larger. Colors are true and detail is fine.

But by far the very best thing about this camera besides its fine picture quality and ease of use, is that Olympus Camedia C755 accepts AA batteries. There is no proprietary battery needed. So while on vacation or even just needing an immediate shot, you do not have to worry about dead batteries. We travel extensively, and you can always get AA's.

Camedia C755

First off - this camera is a re-labeled C750 sold without the remote control and AA batteries/charger, for significantly less money (over a hundred dollars difference as I'm writing this.) The manuals in the box are even for a C750, and there is a little piece of paper explaining that "...the C-755 Ultra Zoom and C-750 Ultra Zoom are identical in specifications and functionality. All instruction materials provided are interchangeable between both..." Given that, there is an excellent review of the camera at <a href="">Steve's Digicams</a> that covers all the positive things I've got to say about the camera, plus much more detailed info.

The only negative thing I've got to say after using Camedia C755 extensively for a few weeks is that the video recording feature defaults to no sound. You have to remember to turn sound on before shooting a video clip or you end up with silent films. Camedia C755's really easy to turn the sound on, just takes some getting used to. Guess there's a chance that there's some setting I'm missing to correct this, but I've got the most current firmware available and still haven't been able to figure one out.

Comments on Amazon description/reviews:

*The camera comes with CR-V3 Batteries, but works with those OR AA batteries (or an external 6.5V DC source.) You don't have to buy the more expensive CR-V3 lithiums, I'd recommend picking up some rechargable AAs and a charger (which, as mentioned, the C750 comes with) if you want to avoid disposable lithiums.

*The product description gives the maximum length of video clips, but the limiting factor is actually the free space on your memory card. The stated limits are probably with the included 16Mb xD card, but any normal user will be using a much larger card allowing them to shoot longer videos.

*The viewfinder is an Electronic View Finder, which in most ways is superior to an optical one. As mentioned by another reviewer, EVFs doesn't take nearly as much power as the larger preview screens, and shows a good representation of the picture that you'll actually end up with. Camedia C755 analagous to using a SLR film camera in that you see what the camera's 'eye' is seeing, plus you can see all kinds of additional info as well. I like it.

Camedia C755 a great little camera, especially for the relatively low price!

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Olympus Camedia C755 Specs

  • Optical Sensor Resolution: 4 MP
  • 4-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality prints up to 11 x 15 and beyond
  • Optical Sensor Technology: CCD
  • 10x optical zoom; 1.5-inch low-temperature poly-silicon LCD screen; electronic viewfinder
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces
  • Optical zoom: 10 x
  • Height: 2.6 inches
  • Width: 4.2 inches
  • Maximum Aperature Range: f2.8-f3.7
  • Minimum focal length: 6.3 millimeters
  • Movie mode with sound; hot shoe for external flash attachment
  • Recommended: 4 AA-size NiMH rechargeables; Includes AA-size AA alkaline batteries; stores images on xD memory cards (16 MB card included)
  • Depth: 2.7 inches
  • Display Size: 1.5 inches
  • ED coating on the Lens helps reduce the purple fringing normally seen on larger zoom Cameras
  • Included Flash Type: Built-in flash
  • Viewfinder Type: LCD
  • Brand Name: Olympus
  • Maximum focal length: 63 millimeters

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