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Sony Cybershot DSCT30 Reviews

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Sony Cybershot DSCT30 Reviews
Rating 7.8
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Sony Cybershot DSCT30 User Reviews

Sony Cybershot DSCT30 Reviews

Sony Cybershot DSCT30 ReviewsI own five Digital Cameras.This little gem is the best of the lot.The pictures are sharp both inside & outside. I have not tried the movie mode as they do not interest me.The Camera performs like a precision instructment should.If you are looking for a small shirt pocket camera, this is for you.

I bought this from Amazon & received Sony Cybershot DSCT30 right on time.

Sony Cybershot DSCT30 Camera Reviews

Sony Cybershot DSCT30 Camera ReviewsI have owned other Sony Cameras previously. I bought this for my dad a couple of months ago. I also got him a 1 GB memory stick to go with Cybershot DSCT30. Works perfectly so far. He likes the large LCD screen and the slideshow feature with music when you connect Cybershot DSCT30 to the TV. So bottom line.....if your are looking for easy point and Shoot Camera with a very limited manual features and no viewfinder...this is a no brainer.

Sony Cybershot DSCT30

Sony Cybershot DSCT303in LCD, White Balance, 7+mp res., Zeiss lense, compact enough for any pocket or pocket book, and good battery life, you know just to name some of the high lights this little package has. A great value, a lot of bang for the bucks.

Cybershot DSCT30 User Reviews

Great Camera, the image stablilzer isnt so much better then other models from other companies. BUT, the RAW(an algorithum applied at the code itself, as opposed to after interpolation of the image)image noise reducer really works well. I can't say enough about that feature. I mean at iso 1k, there's still a "little bit" of noise, but Sony Cybershot DSCT30's not nearly as bad(most people wont notice Sony Cybershot DSCT30, certainly not the common user) as some of the older Cameras that just fully blurred out. DO get the lcd protector/cover(they sell them here at amazon, i dont know what brand), otherwise the lcd will get scratched from just being in pocket with keys.

edit 10/10/06:taken lots of photos with it, and I need to clarify that there is noise in the higher iso settings, just less then other camers. You also have to zoom in on high def photos to really notice it. Also, the camera costs much less elsewhere, usually fifty dollars less then here. Try new egg dot com, they have it for twentyish less with free one gig pro duo card.

Sony Cybershot DSCT30

This camera corrects every single pet peeve regarding Digital cameras I've ever had. I've owned a Sony Powershot and Canon Exlim in the past. The main problems I've had were blurry shots when I go out with friends to dim restaurants at night, missing shots because of the prolonged lag (esp from the Powershot), and forgetting to put the memory card back in the camera after I downloaded the last batch of pics I took.

The T30's Steady Shot works really well. While holding the camera with one hand, I purposely tremored my hand while taking a pic of a still subject; the shot turned out perfect. However, when I take the pic while shaking the camera, the pic still blurs...but really who really shakes their camera when taking a pic?

When the camera is set to full automatic point and shoot, the lag time is pretty much unnoticeable. I was at a wedding where the bridal party was walking into the dinner hall....caught every shot and didn't miss the ball because of lag.

58MB of internal memory is awesome. I can take 30 really high quality pics when I forget my mem stick...enough to cover an evening out in the city ... but definitely not enough for a vacation trip.

These were the main things which made me choose this camera over others. Another plus which is nice is the 3in screen with slideshow friends were really impressed with this (esp the lady friends hehe).

Otherwise, size wise, this camera is not the smallest. The Casio Exlim is definitely smaller and lighter than the T30, but Cybershot DSCT30 has features the Exlim is lacking in. But don't get me wrong, this camera is not big at all by any standard, Cybershot DSCT30's only 0.1cm thicker than the Exlim. It still easily fits in my suit breast pocket and is not a hassle to tote around.

Cybershot DSCT30 Reviews

Just got the T30 but had to go to Sony to get black. I've waited months for this camera to come out and the wait was well worth Sony Cybershot DSCT30. The 3 features that sold me were "anti-shake", a 3 inch LCD and a 1000 ASA capabiliIty. Sony Cybershot DSCT30 replaces a very nice Konica Minolta X50 and the Konica camera case fits the T30 better than all the Sony cases available ( I bought 2 of the sony ones) and has a belt loop (and good padding). It is a solid fit. Wish the camera had a little more than 3x but none seem to yet (probably be the T 31). I highly recommend this camera

Sony Cybershot DSCT30 Digital Cameras

This camera is very small, less than the size of a cigarette pack. Cybershot DSCT30 takes fantastic pictures and has a wide range of settings which permits photography under almost any circumstances. With the 2 GB memory stick, Cybershot DSCT30 can take over 1200 photos, or 2 hours of video, when set at 3 Megapixels. It can go as high as 7.2 megapixels. It also records sounds, and has various slide show options which are accompanied by different music. You can download other music into the camera.

I recently recorded about 5 minutes of an orchestral performance without flash, and it came through remarkably true to the scene and sound. I have had the camera only a couple of months and have already taken more than 2000 photos. I can slip it my pocket and whip it out if any scene strikes my fancy. With the high memory stick, I never have to worry about running out of memory. It comes with a battery charger which quickly restores the battery strength, the only real limitation on its use over extended periods.

There can't be a better camera for its size on the market.

Sony Cybershot DSCT30 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Super SteadyShot Stabilization Zoom

I upgraded from the Sony T1 to this Sony T30 the other day and what a huge improvement. The Sony T30 has the new Super Steadyshot and ISO 1000, and a more powerful flash, and don't forget the beautiful 3.0 inch LCD. I have 3 kids and its very difficult to get them to sit still for a photo. With this camera they can just keep going because this camera stops the action. I took photo after photo indoors at night trying to test the camera, but Sony Cybershot DSCT30 worked under all kinds of conditions and even in total darkness. We were very pleased.

Sony Cybershot DSCT30 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Super SteadyShot Stabilization Zoom Reviews

The longer I own and use this camera, the more enthusiastic I become about Cybershot DSCT30 - and I was happy with Cybershot DSCT30 from day one. Each use in a different situation proves how brilliant it is. Good photos in low light situations of all kinds. Not always"perfect", professional-result photos in low light, but certainly good enough to share with others in situations where other digicams can't take pictures at all. If there is any ambient light around, the pictures will be fine. The videos are excellent quality, with good sound pickup. I took vids and photos of jellyfish in a darkened aquarium and most of them came out fine. Love the slideshow feature and use it all the time. Am starting to take more and more vids, and loving it. Perfect for animal photos without flash, thus eliminating "green eye", the animal equivalent of red-eye. The 3" LCD screen is wonderful, and I have always been able to see my subjects, in bright sunlight or almost no light. Something new users might not notice or understand - there is a setting for 'vivid' color, a setting for 'normal' color, and one for 'natural' color. When I first got the camera I had it set on 'normal', but noticed that the photos tended to look a little over-saturated. Once I set it on 'natural', that disappeared. Cybershot DSCT30 all a matter of taste, I guess - but very nice to have the choice.

Using this camera just makes me want to use it more and more. I can't say enough good things about it.

Cybershot DSCT30

This camera is great! There's no question about Sony Cybershot DSCT30. Sony Cybershot DSCT30 takes great pics indoors and out, has greeaat battery life, and small enough to insert into a shirt pocket. I upgraded from an Olympus which is 3 years old, and did not regret one bit. There's nothing wrong with the olympus, just wanted a newer camera with better shutter lag. Also love the pics playback on its 3" lcd screen with different music moods -- at first i thought what a cheesy feature but grown to like it almost immediately. I got mine at a major retailer at premium price and it looks like the price has dropped quite a bit now... my advice to anyone who's reading this: Stop doing your research and get this camera!

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Sony Cybershot DSCT30 Specs

  • Selectable color modes; Real Imaging Processor for quicker start-up, faster shot-to-shot times
  • 7.2-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 15 x 20-inch prints
  • Display Size: 3.0 inches
  • Stores images on Memory Stick Duo media cards (includes 58 MB internal memory); powered by an InfoLithium battery (battery and charger supplied)
  • Optical Sensor Resolution: 7.2 MP
  • Model: DSCT30
  • Viewfinder Type: None
  • 3x optical zoom with Super SteadyShot function; 3-inch, Clear Photo LCD Plus screen
  • Clear RAW noise reduction system reduces noise in low-light shooting
  • Optical zoom: 3 x
  • Brand Name: Sony

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